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Jungle Monkeys - Original Limited Edition Abstract Painting


"Jungle Monkeys" Original Limited Edition Abstract Painting by Derek Alvarez. Each metal print is signed and numbered on the bottom-right corner by the artist. For example, "Derek Alvarez 1/50". Each postcard is signed and numbered on the back of the card.


5.6"x4.25" printed on postcard paper, edition limited to 300 - The card is thick and durable, with a semi-gloss finish - perfect for any art collector! You can easily frame it and put it on your wall, or store it with your other collectibles.

48"x36" printed on metal, edition limited to only 50 - This is a large size and is perfect for making a statement in your home. It would look great in your living room, dining room, media room, or even your bedroom.


My 2 year old son, Grant, collaborated on this one with me! It was interesting to see his method of working compared to my older son, Sam... whereas Sam liked to leave some negative space and was more varied and minimal with his brushstrokes, Grant preferred a more vertical brushstroke and tried to cover the whole canvas.

Obviously, I enjoyed creating with both of my sons and I am excited to try some more together! (I call this one "Jungle Monkeys" because we interacted with some wild monkeys on a trip to Costa Rica and that was all Grant would talk about for weeks afterwards.)

Collections: Abstracts

Category: Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Portrait, White

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