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Starry Night - Original Limited Edition Abstract Painting


"Starry Night" Original Limited Edition Abstract Painting by Derek Alvarez. Each metal print is signed and numbered on the bottom-right corner by the artist. For example, "Derek Alvarez 1/50". Each postcard is signed and numbered on the back of the card.


5.6"x4.25" printed on postcard paper, edition limited to 300 - The card is thick and durable, with a semi-gloss finish - perfect for any art collector! You can easily frame it and put it on your wall, or store it with your other collectibles.

27"x36" printed on metal, edition limited to only 50 - This is a fairly large size and is perfect for making a statement in your home. It would look great in your living room, dining room, media room, or even your bedroom.


Van Gogh is my favorite artist, so I wanted to create an abstract painting inspired by his famous “Starry Night”… this was all from memory and I just let the shapes and colors come to me as I went. There is a certain romanticism to the original that I wanted to capture... these bright, twinkling stars amid a vast expanse of deep blues. For me, the stars symbolize hope (wishing on a star, anyone?) and hope is a powerful thing... love, faith, and hope for the future... that's what gets me up every morning.


"I have it hanging on the wall over a loveseat in my office, where I get to stargaze from my desk that faces it -- love it! Unless it's cloudy, I go out every night to look at the stars, as we live out in the country where there's no light pollution. Now I get to enjoy them during the day, too. Heavenly!

I've been looking for something for that wall for four years, preferring a blank wall to filling it with something I'm just settling for. Your piece just grabbed me that first day I saw it on Facebook. Thank you for giving me this perfect art to disappear into as I look up from the computer while I'm working. My daytime stargazing inspires me as I'm creating my writing and products for my business." - Janet Hilts

Collections: Abstracts

Category: Black, Blue, Green, Landscape, Orange, Purple, Yellow

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